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SHIPPING UPDATE: as of May 1, 2020 all orders are on a 3 month delay. Please note you will not receive your order earlier by selecting expedited shipping. We are working with our vendors to get supplies shipped as fast as possible so we can make the necklaces and get them shipped to you, however COVID-19 is causing delays on top of our extremely large influx in orders since "Outer Banks" aired! (Please keep in mind we are just guesstimating the shipping, since we are waiting on supplies. It could be much sooner we just want to be safe rather than sorry; when telling y’all a specific date that we don’t know ourselves).

Gorgeous gold plated star choker can be worn alone or layered with other SBBC necklaces for a chic southern twist. This necklace is hands down our best selling neck bling! ✨ As seen on the new Netflix show "Outer Banks" worn by main cast member Sarah Cameron {Madelyn Cline}.

Necklace measures approximately 17” in total and is on a 14k gold plated clasp that is not adjustable. 

PS: These are currently out of stock because of high demand, this is considered a pre order list. Outer Banks is now #1 on Netflix and increasing popularity now has these pushed back to 4-5 weeks out for any orders after 4/23/20. Thank y’all for all the love and support and for understanding we are a small business and we are working as fast as possible to get necklaces made and shipped to y’all. Thank y’all! 💕

*Sarah Cameron Photos from @obx 

• Frequently asked questions:

-This necklace is a pre order, not a regular order like all other products.

-You will not receive an email with a tracking number until your necklace has been made and is shipped.

-If you place an order and don’t receive a confirmation text or email check your junk mail.

-This necklace fits each person differently.

-We call this necklace a choker but it’s more of a high hanging necklace.

- This necklace does not come in any other colors.

- We don’t recommend wearing it in the water, do not get perfume or lotion on it; it will wear the gold off. 

- Please don’t buy this as a gift, we have had an influx of emails worried their gift won’t get there in time, please choose another product as this one won’t make it in a timely manner. 

- This necklace is the one exception to our return policy, this item is non refundable or exchangeable.

-yes! We do ship worldwide. 

* We thank y’all for all of your patience, please don’t email us about this product as we are getting 100 + emails a day asking questions that are already answered here. Appreciate y’all!